At Samwarthika Ayurveda Hospital in Kerala, we strongly believe that before beginning the treatment for a patient regarding any disease or disorders, it is imperative to examine his or her symptoms from an Ayurvedic perspective. For this reason, we assign a dedicated health consultant to every patient who analyses and understands all symptoms and ailments deeply. This involves thorough questions and answers sessions between the doctor and the patient. For the Kerala Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss at Samwarthika, we highly encourage the patients to give accurate information regarding their health and ailments to prescribe the right treatment plan. The right course of the Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss for a patient at Samwarthika in Kerala has been decided after A team of doctors looks into the patient’s health report. The treatment process is different and customized on individual body types. Our unique and highly effective treatment process for obesity and weight loss is owing to customized medication, Ayurvedic Diet plans, and Yoga tips developed by our expert doctors. We believe the outcome of our weight loss treatment in Kerala can be multiplied by following a proper healthy routine and workout in the form of yoga. For this, our doctors are well experienced to suggest you the best options for the Ayurvedic weight loss treatment in Kerala. In advance, in the process of shedding weight and achieving the weight loss goal, the patient is sure to experience a substantial improvement in physical and emotional well-being and a boost in the overall energy level. The whole process is certain to help one lose weight by enjoying the process without the nightmare of starvation.

Aim of Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment for Weight Loss at Samwarthika

How to Know the Ideal Weight


Ideal weight (based on Body Mass Index (BMI)) is a measure of one’s health and shows the proximity to developing serious health conditions. The simple way of calculating ideal weight is: Subtract 100 from your height (in centimetres). The healthy weight range for a particular height would be + or -3 kg. For instance, if an individual’s height is 170 cm, then the ideal weight for that height would be 170-100=70. The healthy weight range for that height is + or -3 kg which is 67-73 kg. If the person’s weight does not fall in the range and exceeds 73 kg, then he is overweight or obese and his goal will be to lose weight to achieve the optimum range. Another equally important parameter in the measurement of obesity is the Waist to Hip Ratio(WHR). For males, a WHR of 0.90 and for females, a WHR of 0.85 is considered obesity.



Obesity is a state where the body’s calorie intake surpasses the calories burned, in turn leading to the excess calories stored in the body as body fat. This happens as a result of consuming more calories than required by the body or consistently eating a high-fat diet or being sedentary. Obesity can also be caused by other factors like environmental, behavioral, or genetic factors. Prompt treatment of the underlying conditions of obesity and overweight issues saves one from critical ailments like liver and heart diseases, diabetes, and kidney problems.

The treatments included in Kerala
Ayurvedic Treatment for Weight Loss


Udvarthanam - whole body massage with herbal powder which removes excess cellulite deposits.

Lekhana vasthi - With this, more fluid is secreted into the intestinal lumen.

Elakizhi - Massaging with pouches containing herbs

Podikizhi - Whole body massage with pouches filled with medicinal powder

Swedana - Herbal steam therapy inducing sweat

Virechanam - To flush out toxins from the body

Apart from the above external therapies, internal medicines and a strict diet plan and routine will be prescribed to the patients for the Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss in Kerala at Samwarthika.

Yoga asanas for weight loss


Virabhadrasana -Along with improving the body balance and one’s back, legs, and arms, this asana helps reduce the tummy and belly fat if the abdominal muscles are contracted during this posture.

Trikonasana - helps improve the digestive system and improve blood circulation throughout the body

Chaturangadandasana - It helps strengthen the core and the effect of performing this asana is reflected on the abdominal muscles.

Sarvangasana - it helps boost metabolism and helps balance thyroid levels and improves sleep.

The asanas, if performed well, build internal heat and improves the body stamina making one become strong, flexible, and help lose weight.

A Perfect Ayurvedic Diet for weight loss


Based on different body types, the Ayurvedic diet plan also differs. It is imperative to develop a conscious eating manner to reduce fat and lose weight. A perfect Ayurvedic diet not only involves a custom-made diet plan based on individual body type but also a strategy to maintain it through a conscious eating manner. So, what is meant by conscious eating or mindful eating? It is the habit of focussing on one’s food while eating without getting distracted for instance, by electronic gadgets like TV or mobile. Hence one is aware of how much food is being consumed and when to stop. Along with following mindful eating habits, it is also recommended to follow the diet plan according to one’s dosha types like Kapha, Pitha, or Vata dosha. Drinking water the right way is also mandatory for a healthy body as it relaxes the muscles and helps lose weight.

A controlled daily routine for weight loss


A life with routine should be followed by anyway looking for Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss as that poses a psychological effect to the individual in a big way. Waking up early in the morning, forty minutes of exercise daily, avoiding naps during daytime, a conscious eating habit, all these factors contribute to one’s weight loss in addition to the Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss in Kerala provided by our registered practitioners at Samwarthika Ayurveda. Contact us to know more about our weight loss program in Kerala.