People all over the World believe and preach the benefits they get from Ayurveda and Ayurvedic massages. Kerala and especially Ernakulam have emerged as a thriving hub for Kerala Ayurvedic massage and herbal spa treatments. With the expansion in the demand For Kerala Ayurvedic massage, more and more people have initiated setting up centers that offer Ayurvedic massage in Ernakulam and Kerala. Samwarthika Ayurveda Hospital in Ernakulam, Kerala stands unique and authentic among all of them for the one-of-the-kind treatment we provide. In addition to having the best professionals and experts for performing Kerala Ayurvedic massage, we also ensure that our patients receive the best of our services and utmost care during their treatment period. In addition, we provide Ayurvedic herbal spa treatment enriched with music and aroma, setting the perfect ambiance for wellness and rejuvenation.

Traditional Kerala Ayurvedic Massage and Therapy


The benefits offered by massage are not only limited to the fact that it makes you feel relaxed but also helps you fight several bodily issues. The traditional Kerala Ayurvedic massage is more like a complete package that will revamp your body inside and out. This means when you avail yourselves of a good grade traditional Ayurvedic massage from a trusted source like Samwarthika Ayurveda Hospital, you do not just treat your body, but also your soul. As a result, you get the feeling of complete rejuvenation for your body, mind as well as soul. Our expert masseurs in Ernakulam provide you the best massage experience in Kerala that is authentic with its raw touch of glory.

Besides, massages daily can yield benefits to one’s overall health. It will effectively flush out the toxins from your system and at the same time helps to improve the elasticity of your skin giving you that glow from within. But since it is quite impractical to avail a professional massage every day, it is highly recommended that you approach professionals who would make the experience worth enough. At the same time, by following some instructions, you can also practice self-massage at home. Likewise, we advise all Ayurveda lovers to find a rhythmic method of combining self-massage and professional massage in their lifestyle to live a more healthy and quality life.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Massage


Moreover, what attracts more and more people to the world of Ayurveda is the wide range of benefits they offer. Unlike other treatment methods, Ayurveda does not only heals and cures the particular ailment that is treated. Ayurveda helps the person experience an overall improvement physically and mentally. For instance, if someone is availing an authentic Kerala Ayurvedic massage to treat their joint pain from Samwarthika Ayurveda Hospital, apart from getting cured for their pain, they will also experience better skin elasticity, improved blood circulation, and apart from this a well-relaxed state of mind. This is exactly why Ayurvedic massages are termed to be a complete retreat option.

During an Ayurvedic massage, the masseur uses therapeutic herbal oils that will penetrate through your skin and pores. As a result the skin tissues drink up all the goodness from the oils. Consequently, by performing a massage, the medicinal attributes from the oil reach your tissues that require healing and fix them effectively. Apart from acting as a healing agent, the traditional Ayurvedic massage also helps in the relaxation of your muscles and in reducing stiffness. Furthermore, it helps in improving blood circulation in areas where massage is administered. This way, if you are suffering from pain, for example, a headache, the increased flow of blood circulation will help in easing the pain. Another benefit of getting a head massage is that it facilitates the strengthening of hair follicles at the root and thus regulating healthy hair growth.

Types of Ayurvedic Massages


Depending upon requirements and the objective of treatment, the type of massages preferred will also keep on changing. We practice the below forms of massage for Kerala Ayurvedic massage in our Samwarthika Ayurveda Hospital, Ernakulam.



Abhyanga is the procedure of application of Snehadravya over the body with mild pressure. It is one of the most popular and ancient therapies of Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala which involves warm oil massage over the entire body.

The Thaila/Ghritha/Vasa etc. are rubbed over the body in directions comfortable to the patient. It improves strength and alleviates Vatha. It can be performed as a therapeutic procedure as well as a preventive procedure. The patient is made to sit on the Abhyanga table with legs extended. The oil heated to optimum temperature is applied over the head, ears, and soles of feet uniformly with mild pressure by therapists standing on both sides of the table. Abhyanga is performed in different positions and at the end of the procedure, the oil on the body is wiped off with tissue paper or towels. A bath can be taken with hot water and medicated powder or soap to remove the oil and to clean the body. A light semi-solid digestible diet may be advised after a bath.

This dates back to the ancient practice of massage to heal people suffering from body stiffness and body pain. In addition to that, Abhyanga massage also helps people to move without the burdens of joint pain. As a result of getting an Abhyanga treatment, the metabolic residues from the patient’s body will be removed effectively. Consequently, there will be increased blood circulation that will help reduce fatigue and stress-related disturbances in one’s body. At Samwarthika Ayurveda Hospital, you can avail the benefits of abhyanga massage for both preventive remedies as well as for therapeutic purposes.


Churna Pinda Sweda/Podikizhi

Churna Swedana is a kind of Swedana– sudation given by powder of various herbs made as a bolus and applied over the body after heating. Powder of medicinal plants, seeds, lemon, and rock salt are mixed and fried with medicated oil. This mixture is tied up in a cotton cloth to prepare a bolus. This bolus is heated in oil and applied with mild pressure over the body after a gentle massage. At the end of the procedure, the body is wiped off with a dry soft towel. oral medicines are given at the end and the patient is advised to take complete rest and then allowed to take bath with warm water. Light food preferably liquids and semi-solids are advised. It is a kind of fomentation that stimulates nerve endings, relaxes muscles, and relieves pain.



Unlike the other forms of Ayurvedic massages in Kerala, Udvartana is not an oily massage. The main element used in your body for the massage is usually herbal powders. In addition to that, at times these are mixed with oils that are high in terms of potency, for example, sesame oil. These ingredients are preferred for their ability to nourish and stimulate one’s nervous system. Further, the powder or the paste is applied in a rhythmic motion over the patient’s body and then massaged. This increases the temperature of the tissues enabling metabolism. As a result, Udvartana makes the patient feel lighter, free from blocks and stiffness. Consequently, it is preferred by patients who suffer from ailments like paralysis, obesity, sciatica, indigestion, diabetic neuropathy, etc.


Patra Pinda Sweda/Elakizhi

Patrapinda Sweda or Elakizhi is the kind of Ayurvedic treatment that involves the use of various medicinal leaves to treat illnesses and ailments. Elakizhi is effective in detoxifying and eliminating residues from the affected areas of the skin. The Kizhis are filled with medicinal leaves with Vata specification properties and later they are dipped into the warm oil. Further, it is used to massage the areas of treatment and is said to benefit people who experience back pain, joint pain, muscle cramping, arthritis, problems of stress and anxiety, etc. The treatment is also said to improve one's overall immunity and slow down the aging process.


Bashpa Swedana

The treatment form of this massage is by using heat-induced methods to flush out toxins from one’s body. Therefore, it is also called steam therapy. Derived from a Sanskrit word which means ‘to sweat’, the process of Swedena is usually performed by producing heat out of medicated herbals. This is also performed as a preparatory process in various treatment practices to open up one’s pores and sweat out the unwanted toxins from the skin tissues. Bashpa Swedana helps people suffering from inflammation in the skin, digestive problems, obesity, sore muscles, stiffness in the body, and so on. In addition to performing it as a single therapy, Bashpa Swedana is usually performed in combination with several other massage therapies like for example in Panchakarma. Other than using herbal combinations in steaming, the process of Bashpa Swedana in massage also benefits in opening up the closed pores in the skin. With the induction of steam and heat, upon opening up the pores tend to absorb medicines and medicated oils better and more effectively.



Njavarakizhi is a specialty of Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala where the whole body or any specific part is made to perspire by the application of heated medicinal rice puddings externally in the form of boluses tied up in a cotton cloth. A specific variety of rice by the name Njavara is cooked with milk and decoction of herbs is kept in four pieces of cloth to make 4 boluses. Another portion of decoction and milk of the same quantity is mixed and heated at low temperature to dip the above boluses for warming the Kizhi. The patient is properly massaged with suitable warm oil all over the body and head. The warm Kizhi is gently applied in a synchronized manner by two therapists on two sides of the treatment table – dhroni. The heat of the boluses is bearable to the patient and will be maintained throughout the procedure by continuous use of four boluses. This procedure is done in different positions as per the requirement. At the end of the procedure, the paste of medicine remaining over the body is scrapped off and the body is wiped off with dry soft towels. Then medicated oil is applied over the body herbal medicines are given orally. The patient is advised to take complete rest and then allowed to take a bath with warm water. Light vegetarian diets consisting of liquids or semi-solids are usually prescribed during the course of the treatment. By performing this procedure, massage, heat, and pressure are provided to the body simultaneously with nourishment to the muscles and nerve endings.

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