ayurveda centres in kerala

Ayurveda Centres in Kerala

For thousands of years, People in India and Kerala have looked upon and relied on the traditional and holistic Ayurveda way of healing for rejuvenation and relaxation. Regarded as the world’s oldest treatment method, Ayurveda has gained immense popularity over recent years with the pandemic outbre...

Sinusitis (Sinus Infection) – What To Do

What is Sinusitis? Sinuses associated with the nasal cavity are air-filled cavities behind the forehead and cheekbones. The fluid produced in the sinuses is usually drained through small channels. But at times, these channels become blocked and filled with fluid, whereby the germs can grow and cause...
Dhanwanthari the god of ayurveda

Dhanwanthari – The God Of Ayurveda

In ancient Hindu beliefs, it mentions about three energy forces – the creative energy – Brahma, the maintaining energy – Vishnu, and the destructive energy – Shiva. Lord Dhanwanthari, God of Ayurveda is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu who maintains health, life, and prosperity. &n...

Infertility Treatment & Quality Child

Samwarthika wishes to identify Infertility in two states; one is disease state infertility and the other is non-disease state infertility. Specific and detailed methods are mentioned in Ayurveda texts about the sexual behavior in human beings and vitalizing the Sperm and the Ovum.   The idea of...
ayurveda spirituality

The Importance Of Spirituality

A good body is essential for a good spirit. As the body is an instrument for enlightenment and Moksha, Ayurveda takes care of it. In Ayurveda, there is a discipline in every aspect of life – in diet, sleep, deeds, and even in sexual acts. It teaches the righteous way to execute the four aspect...


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