Samwarthika provides traditional ayurvedic treatment after delivery in kerala that help mothers to rejuvenate their health and mind.Ayurevda advices a special lifestyle and diet plan during the first 45 days after child birth. We provide exclusive motherhood package which includes post natal massages, application of various herbal paste for body and face, medicated water bath, specially prepared ayurvedic delivery care medicines, yoga and many more.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Treatment after Delivery in Kerala
The major advantage of this treatment is that it could help in rejuvenating the overall health of the mother. It is necessary to give equal attention and care to mother & child before and after the birth as well. Our ayurvedic treatment after delivery in Kerala normally last over a month and the detailed treatment practices refresh the mind and soul of the mother.

The activity in’ Vata’ causes the process of child delivery. The levels of ‘Vata’ get increased soon after the delivery. During this period immunity, hygiene and digestion power of the mother will be very low. To strengthen and restore these factors, special care is required. These mode of treatment helps to reduce the muscular tension on the mother’s body particularly in lower back, hips and abdomen as well as other postnatal complexities such as stretch marks and hormonal imbalance.

Ayurveda through its primitive herbal therapies can help you to restore your original state that allows you to enjoy your motherhood to its fullest. Samwarthika invites all new mothers to enjoy our customized post-pregnancy health care program to reinstate your strength, energy and shape.

The ayurevdic procedure includes post-pregnancy massage and balanced diet which takes place only under the supervision of an ayurevdic expert at the centre. A woman becomes empty bodied and feeble due to mental and physical stress after the delivery. Our carefully administered ayurvedic package would heal you up and help you in restoring your pelvic structure, reduce stress, prop up healthy lactation and relieve from back and neck pain.

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