Congrats! You have found the best ayurvedic treatment for stress in Kerala. Stress related health issues and diseases are on high numbers, caused by various factors ranging from toxic work environment & relationships to declining health and lack of quality time for oneself. The intensity of stress becomes unbearable when it becomes persistent and starts interfering with one’s daily life. Later it becomes an anxiety disorder, creates a state of excessive uneasiness, worry and fear.

We are faced with uncomfortable symptoms of stress when it is triggered from academics, work, routine or relationships. These symptoms may become visible with the inability to focus properly, sleeping trouble, worry, headaches, fatigue and a variety of other stress related concerns.

What are the symptoms of stress and anxiety according to ayurveda?
There are numerous symptoms for stress and anxiety according to ayurveda. Some of which are constant feeling of fear, panic and uneasiness, numbness in hand/feet, cold or sweaty hands/feet, trouble in sleeping, breathe shortness, dizziness and dry mouth.

According to Ayurveda, stress affects the internal metabolic fire (Agni) which in turn affects metabolism and digestion thereby disrupting the entire defense mechanism of the body. This condition weakens the nervous system and triggers the mental imbalance.Ayurvedic treatment for stress in Kerala implies curbing the aggravated ‘Vata Dosha’ and conserving stable and peaceful mind through appropriate changes in lifestyle and diet.

Samwarthika’s time proven therapies uses specialized therapies and massages to release the muscle spasm that have built over time, flush out the toxins accumulated in the body and relieve inflammations from the body. Stresses in the mind gets unwind along with the stress release in muscle. Through ‘Shirodhara’ sessions, you will feel a deep level of peace and relaxation. Our Yoga training session will guide and train you in meditation techniques and yogic routines to face and manage stress, even when you are surrounded by chaotic situation.

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