Autism is a complex neurobehavioral condition that incudes impairments in developmental language, communication skills and social interaction combined with repetitive, rigid behaviors which appears in the first three years of life in a child.

What are the Symptoms and Causes of Autism?
Even though the symptoms of Autism vary from one child to other, it generally falls into three categories like social impairment, communication difficulties and repetitive & stereotyped behaviors. No single cause results in autism but multiple factors may contribute to cause autism which is not yet proved. Some of the causes are genetic factors, advanced age of parents, exposure of pregnant ladies to toxic environments, and some viral infection may result in autism. In Samwarthika Ayurevda Hospital, Muvattupuzha we provide the best Ayurvedic treatment for autism in Kerala along with pre motherhood ayurvedic package treatment.



According to Ayurveda, disorders like autism are considered to be diseases that appear from the birth itself due to various genetic factors. Ayurveda believes prevention is more important than curing a disease. Autism prevention can be achieved through three stages such as prevention before consumption, during pregnancy and after delivery. Prevention before consumption includes detoxification procedures which are implemented through panchakarma therapies followed by ‘Rasayana Chikithsa’ which helps in the regeneration of healthy tissues and production of healthy sperm and ovum. Prevention during pregnancy includes proper diet and physical activities for the mother. Check our special motherhood ayurvedic treatment package here. The treatment methods for post-delivery autism cure include internal and external therapies which are very important for the management of autism. Ayurveda also considers spiritual well-being for the emotional management followed by yoga and pranayama which aids in physical and psychological health. For the best ayurvedic treatment for autism in Kerala, we highly recommend yoga therapy which can improve social behavior and can have a positive effect on CNS activity.

Is Ayurveda a Good Option for Autism Spectrum Disorders?
Autism Spectrum Disorders is a developmental or neuro developmental disorder which affects the mental, physical and social development of a child though out his/her life. This creates social misbehavior and communication problem among children. Ayurevda with its holistic and authentic approach gives new hope in Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment. At Samwarthika we implement a treatment method which consist of panchakarma therapies, purification methods, diets and yoga practices that will improve the quality of life of autistic children to a great extent. Consult our expert doctors to get the best ayurvedic treatment for autism in Kerala.

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