Find the best Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease treatment in Kerala with Samwarthika.Gastro Esophageal Disease is a condition in which the flow of stomach acid turns backwards into the tube that connects the throat to the stomach known as esophagus. This leads to burning sensation in the chest and often occurs after drinking coffee or a heavy meal. If you have heartburn that occurs more than twice a week and does not get better with antacids, you may have GERD. Other symptoms associated with acid reflux are difficulty in swallowing, wheezing, coughing, nausea, burping, dry cough, chronic sore throat, chest pain and hiccups.

Consumption of incompatible natured food and pitta (fire) aggregating foods disrupt the balance of all doshas. This creates heating toxins that are expelled upwards into the food pipe causing heartburn. Increased intake of coffee or tea, oily/spicy or fried foods aggravates pitta and leads to acidity. Hyperactivity, aggressive nature, late night work schedules, irregular eating patterns, drinking alcohol and carbonated beverages contributes to causal factors. Increased intake of antibiotics and painkillers also cause heartburn and acidity. So it is best recommended to eat foods according to your body nature and avoid foods that are not suited for you lifestyle and body. This balances the ‘pitta dosha’ and provides instant and distinct relief.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease treatment in Kerala focuses on determining the underlying cause of the reflux. The medications given are aimed to reduce the effects of the pitta dosha. Some therapies are also employed that balances the doshas in the body and helps in cooling down the effects of aggravated Pitta dosha. Along with the treatment, lifestyle changes and diet plans are also suggested to keep the condition under control which helps in relieving the symptoms in the long run

At Samwarthika Ayurveda Hospital, we treat with systemic use of medicines combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Panchakarma procedures such as Takra Vasthi, Kashaya Vasthi have tremendous results. After the disease is controlled with an ayurvedic protocol, rasayanas are administered to eliminate the residual disease and to provide a long-term immunity towards the disease.

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