Osteoarthritis is a condition that affects the joints in various part of the body due to its wear and tear. The ligaments over gradual erosion face stretching which initiates the pain. It also affects the entire joint including the nearby muscles, underneath bones and ligaments. People with Osteoarthritis condition face heavy pain, which affects their work ability and daily life activities.

A few factors which cause Osteoarthritis are lack of exercise, unhealthy lifestyle, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, nutrional deficiency and joint injuries. Ayurveda treats Osteoarthritis as ‘Vata’ disorder which is related to ageing. Women are more prone to this condition compared to men.

The ayurvedic mode of Osteoarthritis treatment in Kerala includes various techniques of herbal treatment methods. This effective and safe alternative treatment decreases pain, swelling and inflammation by blocking the production of inflammatory chemicals in the body.

Osteoarthritis treatment in Kerala through Ayurveda rejuvenates the damaged cartilages and tissues of the affected joints. Medications enhancing ‘Vata’ are suggested for strengthening and lubrication of joints. Customized treatment plans are made by understanding the root cause of the condition and patient’s health condition. After the identification of root cause, customized combination of four important aspects that includes Panchakarma, herbal medicines, diet plan and lifestyle changes are implemented.

At Samwarthika Ayurveda Hospital, we provide a combination of Ayurvedic therapies that are directed by our experienced Ayurvedic Physicians and trained therapists for Osteoarthritis treatment in Kerala. We always ensure that the patients who have completed our protocol based treatment lead a quality life even with ageing.

We provide safe and effective herbal treatment plans as per individual patient condition to treat and recover from mild to severe Osteoarthritis condition. Apart from the best medical utilities and infrastructure, we provide service from expert doctors and staff for overall care and support to the patients. To know more about Osteoarthritis treatment in Kerala, book an appointment now.

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