Panchakarma treatment in Kerala is much recognized and preferred, and has remained one of the major attractive elements in medical tourism. It is a stream of ayurvedic treatment that is followed and primarily performed to remove toxins from one’s body. At Samwarthika, we help our clients to get the best result out of Panchakarma treatment.

As the name suggests,’ Pancha’ means 5 and ‘Karma’ indicates actions, thus Panchakarma means the five methods of actions performed following ayurveda to get the desired results. These actions are performed to purify your body from harmful and undesirable toxins. These 5 body cleansing actions are Vamana (a bio-cleansing measure meant to eliminate various impurities that get accumulated in the upper gastrointestinal tract), Virechana (a procedure in which the vitiated doshas are eliminated through the anal path), Vasthi (a procedure by which the medicines are held in suspension and administered through one’s rectum or genitourinary tract), Nasya (The process of administration of medicines through nostrils is called Nasya), Rakthamokshana (the procedure of eliminating impure and toxic blood from the patient’s body)

Benefits of Panchakarma Treatment in Kerala
The benefit of this mode of treatment is many. The five procedures involved in the treatment removes toxic components from one’s body effectively. Panchakarma improves both physical and mental wellness and restore the complete balance of your wealth. Besides this, it also installs a better state of health by enabling the body to adopt resistance to toxins and diseases by building a strong immune system. Therefore you get a complete rejuvenation of your body and soul. Getting Panchakarma Treatment in Kerala from Samwarthika Ayurveda Hospital will contribute to your overall well-being and improves fitness.

Panchakarma treatment affects your body mass and weight. Out of the five karmas mentioned above, Vasthi help in tossing out the toxins in your digestive tracts enabling healthy digestion for your system. Besides helping with body weight loss, Panchakarama can heal fertility issues, joint issues, diabetes, hypothyroid etc.

How often should you do Panchakarma and are there any side effects?
Based on one’s health condition and body state, Panchakarma treatment span can vary. It is better to seek the advice of our expert Panchakarma practioners in case of more serious health conditions.

Ayurveda is a treatment method that is administered in a specific method and the patients have to follow a healthy lifestyle in order to get the desired result. On the contrary there can be side effects if the patients fail to keep up with the instructions. Samwarthika Ayurveda Hospital employs only the best-qualified panchakarma practitioners for your treatment.