Parkinson disease is a neurological disorder that mainly affects the motor system. The movement of the body and muscle control gets affected by the deterioration of the nerve junctions at the base .At advanced stages this causes emotional and behavioral problems. The causes of Parkinson disease are mainly due to genetical factors. Other reasons include exposure to environmental toxins and over usage of drug. Slow movement, stiffness of the limb, impaired balance and coordination, tremor in body parts are some of the symptoms of Parkinson disease.

Ayurvedic therapies are an excellent choice for Parkinson's disease treatment in Kerala. It has an integrated approach to illness treatment and prevention and tries to maintain the balance between mind, body and nature. These unique treatment plans comprises several procedures using some unique herbal formulas for toxin removal, revival of nervous system and restoration of digestive mechanism. Patients are recommended to follow a healthy lifestyle and maintain a proper diet along with the treatment to restore the functions of the nervous system.

Several clinical trials and scientific studies have shown that Ayurveda herbs and preparations are very effective and also emphasized the importance of ayurvedic cleansing procedures prior to palliative therapy. Samwarthika Ayurveda hospital offers exclusive Parkinson's disease treatment in kerala.Panchakarma therapies are best recommended for controlling the symptoms and further progression of the disease. These custom made therapies improve the quality of life drastically. We provide customized herbal treatment plans to treat and recover from Parkinson disease. Through body cleansing, we ensure a complete recovery from the symptoms caused by the disease. Our ayurvedic mode of treatment proves very effective in controlling the side effects of allopathic conditions and can even reduce the intake of allopathic medications. The results will be wonderful if the patients come in the initial stages or prior to the allopathic treatment. Book an appointment now to know more about treatment cost and Parkinson's disease treatment in Kerala through Samwarthika.

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