Searching for the best Psoriasis treatment in kerala? Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease caused by the auto immune system. It is also termed as Psoriatic Arthritis as it can also affect the joints. Some of the signs and symptoms of Psoriasis include scalp, scaly patches on elbows, knees and trunk. Red patches of skin covered with silvery and thick scales are a common feature of Psoriasis. There are no specific causes but stress is considered to be the main triggering factor. Other attributed causes includes psychological, immunological, environmental and genetic.

According to Ayurveda, Psoriasis is developed due to the imbalance of basic doshas -Vata & Kapha in the body. Changes in doshas cause toxin accumulation and deeper tissue contamination in the body and develop symptoms.

Psoriasis treatment in Kerala through Ayurveda uses natural substances, oils and herbal medicines. This mode of treatment focus on eliminating the disease from the root rather than curing the ailment superficially. No other treatment guarantees a comprehensive treatment for Psoriasis.

Samwarthika is a best choice for Psoriasis treatment in kerala .Through Ayurveda treatment, it aims at the toxins elimination from the body fluids or body detoxification. We highly recommend “Panchkarma” treatments for this purpose.

Psoriasis can be cured only if the patient follows the protocol prescribed by our Ayurveda doctor for treatment and also through lifestyle changes. Strict diet plan should be followed during the entire treatment period. Salted food, chilies, yogurt and black gram should be restricted from daily food. Refrigerated and chilled foods should be completely avoided. Most importantly individuals must keep a state of mental calmness. Ayurveda treatments are very effective for skin disease and the best advantage is that, it has got no side effects.

A stipulated step wise process is followed in Psoriasis treatment in Kerala through Ayurveda. The exact root cause of the medical condition is identified in the initial stage. The current state of disease will be diagnosed subsequently. Types of medicine, treatment method and medication course will be decided after all these stage only.

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