Tired of looking for the best Sciatica treatment in Kerala? At least 30% among us are suffering from back pain related problems .The severity of pain often gets increased and is recurrent. These are common for individuals who engage in excessive physical activities and as well as for who lead a sedentary lives. Sciatica is a condition seen in people suffering from low back pain.

Some of the causes of Sciatica are: Bulging of Discs: A projected disc causes compression over the sciatic nerve and hence causes pain. Accidents and Injuries: Serious accident can cause damage to sciatic nerve which leads to sciatic pain. Muscular Spasms: Vertebral slippage narrows down the opening through which the nerve exists Pregnancy: The foetus in uterus causes pressure over the sciatic nerve which leads to manifestation of sciatica and irritation. Trauma: Any type of trauma can lead to sciatic nerve damage followed by pain. Spinal Stenosis: Narrowing of spinal canal shrinks the available space and leads to sciatic pain.

Samwarthika offers the best Sciatica treatment in Kerala. Depending upon the symptoms, severity and etiology, the treatment program will vary from case to case. Treatment may include specialized massage therapies to reduce inflammation and strengthen muscles, yoga practices to prevent recurrence and improve balance. Ayurveda addresses the root cause of this condition and hence the results are prolonging and effective.

Symptoms of sciatica :  Pain is the main symptom of Sciatica condition. It is usually felt in the low back and may spread to the buttocks and one or both of the legs along the path of sciatic nerve which passes through the back of the legs. The pain is felt in different way for different persons.  The affected side gets numbed  Tingling sensation in different parts of the body  Thinning of muscle mass  Muscle weakening  Other symptoms are caused due to stress followed by sleep disturbance and anxiety.

Ayurvedic Sciatica treatment in Kerala at Samwarthika Hospital tailors an individualized program to address the condition of each patient by identification of the individual conditions and predisposing factors. The imbalance of ‘Vata’ and ‘Kapha’ contributes to Sciatica disease Panchakarma therapies along with internal medicines is best recommended for Sciatica treatment. Consultation with an experienced and highly qualified Ayurvedic Doctor is necessary for promising result. Samwarthika has a high rate of success in Sciatica treatment.

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