Find the best sinusitis migraine treatment in kerala. Migraine and Sinusitis are two common medical issues faced by people on these days. Migraine is a condition where the patient experience acute headache of varying intensity often followed by sensitivity to light & sound and nausea. Sinusitis is a condition where the cavities face inflammation around the nasal passages. If not taken care properly, these conditions can prove to very serious. Common signs like running nose or sneezing, distorted sense of smell, headache etc. can make you fall a victim of sinusitis condition. And also severe headache, seeing flashes of light, pain in the eyes can lead to migraine.

According to ayurveda, imbalance in ‘Tridoshas-Vata, Pitta, and Kapha’ is considered responsible for developing migraine. Understanding the root cause of any disease helps to redesign proper treatment plan that brings harmony and balance in the body system. At Samwarthika, we aim at finding the root cause of any disorder and treat it accordingly to prevent the reoccurrence of the condition.

The imbalance in each ‘dosha’ displays various symptoms associated with sinusitis and migraine. Sinusitis migraine treatment in kerala treatment includes various combinations of massage, Panchakarma programs, herbal oils for body purification and rectifying the doshas. Along with treatment, few lifestyle modification and diet changes including yoga are incorporated into the routine schedule for complete recovery and relief from migraine/sinusitis. The diet differs for every patient according to their physiological format of the body. We provide medicines which are herbal in nature and does not have any side effects. Special yoga practices are provided to patients as a remedial measure in cases of migraine so that it boosts the overall health system of the body.

Samwarthika comes with the best sinusitis migraine treatment in kerala with professional doctors to be consulted with. The treatment not only includes doctor’s consultation but also includes a complete lifestyle changeover and healthy diet plan that is to be followed by everyone. To know more about our sinusitis and migraine treatment plans and cost, book an appointment now.

Migraine, according to ayurveda is caused by Tridosha imbalance caused by the above mentioned factors. Migraine which involves provoked Vata-pitta Dosha may have severe burning sensations in the eyes, discomfort and redness.Ayurvda follows a holistic approach to health along with considering the body, mind and soul when treating a condition. At Samwarthika Ayurveda Hospital, we provide safe and effective ayurvedic herbal medicines and formulas .Treatment plans are customized as per individual patient condition to treat and recover from severe age related migraine condition without any side effects. We highly recommend Panchkarma treatment methods for severe migraines. To know more about our migraine treatment in Kerala, book an appointment now.

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