Recover your health with the best stroke treatment in Kerala. Stroke or Pakshagata as defined in Ayurveda is a disease that arises due to the sudden reduction of blood supply to some parts of the brain. The deficiency of blood supply can be due to the blockage of blood vessel caused by hardening and thickening of the vessel wall or may be due to the rupture of blood vessel. A paralysis can continuously affect the brain function leading to the death of the patient.

People with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, those who lead an imbalanced lifestyle habit, have a higher chance of having stroke. Some of the symptoms include numbness or weakness of face, leg or arm especially on one side of the body, sudden trouble in speaking or understanding, vision bleach, loss of coordination or balance, severe headache.

Samwarthika Hospital offer safe and effective stroke treatment in Kerala.Ayurvedic treatments are considered to one of the most effective method for paralysis cure. Treatments may vary according to the stroke severity and patient age as per the opinion of our Ayurvedic practioner. It will last about 4 to 5 weeks along with the incorporation of lifestyle modification plans and diet.

Stroke contributes to disability among adults. Majority of patients sought an alternative medicine after leaving the hospital, which is Ayurveda. Ayurvedic stroke treatment in Kerala is bless with a rich heritage. The best quality treatment model for stroke is Panchkarma. It has no adverse side effect and is helpful in treating neurological diseases as well as paralysis. We offer excellent Panckarma treatment along with herbal oral medications for stroke treatment in Kerala resulting in more than 90% relief in stroke affected patients.

The recovery chances of paralysis are higher through earlier interventions of Ayurvedic treatment. At Samwarthika we are a group of experienced medical staffs committed in providing complete care and fast recovery to the patients. To know more about our treatment and costs, kindly contact us.

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