Yoga has been an ancient practice that has its roots in india. Meditation is one process of movement involved within the system of yoga. Yoga also is centered around several breathing exercises performed in special asanas or postures. as a result, yoga brings the total well-being of an individual. Samwarthika Ayurveda Hospital in Ernakulam provides the best yoga and meditation retreat in Kerala. for us, the well-being of one’s mind is equally important as physical health and we work towards the improvement of the patient’s mental peace of mind. This way, the patient gets to stay positive towards their physical health indicators. likewise, the yoga and meditation retreat treatment we provide at Samwarthika Ayurveda Hospital enables individuals to regulate their mental and physical wellness go hand in hand. In the same way, we also have the best yoga practitioners in line to train and treat our patients effectively.

Our health center’s primary location at Ernakulam facilitates everything that can contribute to the path of improving the patient’s wellness. We incorporate effective treatment methodologies and aids in addition to having the best yoga and meditation practitioners in Kerala. This way, samwarthika stands successful in providing an unparalleled experience of retreat for our patients. Our yoga and meditation treatment package not only focuses on the treatment period. In fact, after approaching us and availing our treatment, each patient becomes capable of redesigning their lifestyles with the practice of yoga and meditation in the long run. After stepping out of samwarthika Ayurveda Hospital, your body and soul will have the feeling of complete rejuvenation and detoxification. That is exactly what makes the foundation of our retreat center stronger and concrete.

Wish to embrace the benefits of yoga and meditation to revive your body and soul? Let the executives of Samwarthika Ayurveda Hospital help you out.

Yoga and Meditation in Kerala


The praises and benefits of yoga are popular not only at regional levels but also at international levels. Indians and especially people in Kerala hold great pride for yoga’s Indian origin and roots. Yoga and meditation are more like a lifestyle rather than just a retreat option. With regular practice and execution, yoga and meditation can be life-changing for people who struggle with anxiety and stress issues. At our samwarthika Ayurveda Hospital in Ernakulam, we help our patients to benefit the most out of our yoga and meditation package. With the right guidance and training, we also try to educate our patients on the poses and exercises they are made to perform. As a result, after our retreat, you can go on maintaining your yoga and meditation routine and make it a part of your daily life to make it even more beneficial for your health and wellness.

Yoga is administered in a way that combines various physical postures (which contributes to ‘asanas’), correctly timed breathing patterns with the right amount of concentration. This enables the patient to focus more on their well-being that they even take notice of even the slightest breath they take. Moreover, the whole idea of meditation and yoga leads to the ability of oneself to tame and control their bodily actions to activate their best state of well-being. As a result of its enduring practice and execution, one can improve their ability to be calm, flexible, and immune to conflicting indicators in life.

Yoga made its most ancient appearance in the sacred text of Rig Veda which is in fact a collection of sacred hymns and mantras. The word yoga found its root in ‘yuj’, i.e a union. yoga consists of 6 branches that are categorized on the basis of its objectives, angle of focus, and characteristics. These six branches are – hatha yoga, raja yoga, karma yoga, bakthi yoga, jnana yoga, and tantra yoga.


Hatha yoga

Since Yoga dates back to the ancient age, the Etymology of the word hatha can be traced back to Sanskrit and it means force. In essence, Hatha Yoga is that branch of yoga that aims in sculpting one’s body and mind by incorporating the element of force in yoga.


Raja yoga

Raja yoga is in fact the objective as well as the path in which you attain the benefits of yoga. This branch of yoga received much popularity in the 19th century at the time of swami Vivekananda. It is also known as royal yoga/union, astanga yoga, classical yoga, and Sahaja marg. Raja yoga also requires to be practiced strictly with a defined set of rules, instructions, and medication.


Karma yoga

This is commonly denoted as the yoga of action and is all about adopting a path of service and harmony to let go of the negativity in your life. The act and execution of karma yoga are through selfless service and letting go of one’s desires and expectations to get something in return.


Bhakti yoga

The primary motive of bhakti-yoga is the creation of a pathway that helps one filter their emotions to build better resistance and tolerance. This branch of yoga is also referred to as bhakti marga at times and embraces the power and possibilities offered by spirituality.


Jnana yoga

Jnana yoga as it says is a path that involves knowledge and intellect. This branch of yoga is scholarly in its essence and the ultimatum of this yoga is to attain the path of self-realization. Three important components within this branch of yoga are Sravana (to hear), Manana (the reflection), and Nididhyasana (meditation).


Tantra yoga

This branch of yoga combines one’s energy center (chakra), Mudra, Asana, and Mantra in order to bring energy and wellness to their life. The perspective of tantra yoga is to embody the 5 forces and derive and restore your energy by boosting them.

In the modern-day, yoga lays more emphasis on practicing certain postures and exercises timed with breathing to enhance one’s strength and ability. The choice of these postures and yoga positions are confirmed by taking into account one’s health condition and their expectation on what needs to be improved or fixed.

Most of the time, people confuse the art of meditation with a mere activity of concentration. But it is a lot more to that. In fact, one needs to stay focused and concentrated while performing meditation and at the same time one has to detach themselves from undesirable thoughts. As a result, meditation will take one to a stage where one can find complete peace and solace. This does not happen all of a sudden and requires a certain amount of practice and dedication. Think of how the ancient gurus mentioned in religious texts practiced meditation to acquire moksha or spiritual enlightenment. It is said that they took months or at times years to reach that point. The whole idea, therefore, is to practice freeing oneself from the unwanted threads of thoughts to focus and embrace one’s inner peace. At Samwarthika Ayurveda Hospital, we train and guide you to reach this level of tranquility through our yoga and meditation retreat in Kerala.

Benefits of Yoga and Meditation


One of the most common reasons for people practicing yoga is to reduce their tension and stress levels and to keep up with the hassles of their hectic life. But in order to reap the right benefits, one will have to train their senses and their body to sustain the progress they make while practicing yoga. This is best when you trust experts in the niche to train and guide you. Samwarthika Ayurveda Hospital provides you exactly the same and with us, you get to embrace the perfect experience of yoga and meditation retreat.

Apart from improving your complete state of being and overall immune health, yoga and meditation are also said to benefit people who face inflammatory problems. In addition to that, yoga and meditation will also help people to improve blood circulation and in a way, it reduces the risks for heat-related illness among the practitioners. Depression is another battle that a majority of people go through these days. With the effective practice of yoga, it is said that people can reduce the levels of their stress hormones (like cortisol which is in fact linked with the cause of depression in many people). Also, yoga and meditation will benefit people to fight chronic pain thus restoring the flexibility in one’s body. Sleep is another element in an individual’s life that will have a direct impact on a person’s health. Yoga and meditation improve one’s sleep quality as well and this way several other disorders arising from the lack of good quality sleep also stand rectified.

Difference between Yoga and Meditation


It is a commonly misinterpreted fact that both yoga and meditation are the same. Even though in practice, they are combined together and administered to provide a number of health benefits to people, they differ in certain ways. If you consider yoga to be a tree, meditation will be a tree branch in it. In fact, meditation is part of the whole structure of Yoga. Yoga involves the incorporation of both physical as well as mental exercises in its regime while meditation is more on the mental exercise side. Yoga comes with postures, asanas, and breathing exercises while meditation is all about controlling your senses by ensuring mindful focus. Apart from the differences they hold, the combination of yoga and meditation is surely a magical bliss and helps people not only to live in a healthy body but also in possessing a healthy mind. Come discover the endless possibilities and benefits the combination of yoga and meditation can offer you at samwarthika Ayurveda Hospital.