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Ayurvedic Treatment for Enlarged Prostate in Kerala


Experience the power of Ayurvedic treatment for enlarged prostate in Kerala with Samwarthika Ayurveda Hospital. Explore time-tested remedies for prostate health and holistic wellness. Find natural relief with our expert practitioners

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), commonly referred to as an Enlarged Prostate, is a prevalent condition among men, especially as they age. With advancing years, the prostate gland tends to undergo growth, and when it reaches a certain size, it can obstruct the urinary pathway. This can result in reduced control over urination, discomfort during urination, and potential complications related to the bladder and kidneys.


What are the Symptoms of Prostate Enlargement ?

To initiate Ayurvedic treatment for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), our medical experts conduct a thorough analysis of the patient’s symptoms and overall condition. This comprehensive understanding is vital for designing an effective Ayurvedic treatment plan for prostate issues.


Typical symptoms that may suggest prostate enlargement or BPH include:


§  Urination Problems: Such as dribbling or a slowed urine flow.

§  Urinary Incontinence: Inability to control urination.

§  Frequent Urge to Urinate: A constant need to visit the restroom.

§  Pain or Burning Sensation: Discomfort or burning during urination.

§  Hematuria: Presence of blood in urine or semen.

§  Painful Ejaculation: Discomfort or pain during ejaculation.

§  Urinary Difficulty: Difficulty initiating or maintaining urination.

§  Intermittent Urination: Start-and-stop pattern during urination.

§  Incomplete Bladder Emptying: Feeling like the bladder is not fully emptied.


Before commencing treatment for prostate enlargement, our medical professionals confirm these symptoms. Additionally, they review the patient’s medical history and conduct a comprehensive physical examination to determine the most suitable Ayurvedic treatment for BPH.

What Causes Enlargement of Prostate ?

Ageing is the primary cause of BPH, with a higher likelihood of occurrence in males over the age of 50. Hormone imbalances and abnormal cell growth are two other contributing factors to prostate enlargement.

What are the Possible Complications that Can arise from Enlarged Prostate ?

§  Urinary retention, where the inability to urinate may require the insertion of a catheter by a medical professional to drain the bladder.


§  Urinary tract infections (UTIs) can develop if urine is not expelled promptly, potentially affecting the gallbladder and the urinary tract.


§  Prolonged retention of urine may lead to the formation of bladder stones, causing difficulties in urination, painful urination, and the presence of blood in the urine.


§  Prolonged retention of urine can also harm the gallbladder, as the accumulated urine can expand and exert pressure on the bladder wall, potentially leading to thinning and increased pressure on the bladder wall.


§  The pressure on the gallbladder walls can directly impact the kidneys, potentially resulting in kidney damage.


     It is essential to seek timely and appropriate medical attention for an enlarged prostate to mitigate these potential complications and achieve a successful outcome in managing the condition.



Ayurvedic Herbs for Prostate Care

Ayurveda adopts a comprehensive perspective on well-being, emphasizing the integration of dietary preferences, lifestyle adjustments, physical activity, and the incorporation of herbal remedies to enhance overall health and reduce the risk of prostate problems. In this traditional system, sound health is regarded as the cornerstone for effectively addressing health-related issues.

home remedies for prostate health

Implementing these Ayurvedic home remedies and lifestyle practices can significantly support your prostate health and overall well-being. It’s crucial to seek guidance from an Ayurvedic practitioner who can tailor a personalized plan according to your specific constitution and requirements.

How Samwarthika's Ayurvedic Doctors in Kerala Treat Prostate with Ayurveda?

Our team of expert doctors in Kerala offers a range of well-established treatments for prostate gland enlargement. These treatments may encompass medications, various therapeutic approaches, and, in some cases, surgical interventions specific to the size of the prostate, your symptoms, and your overall health. It is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional to assess your unique situation and determine the most suitable treatment for your enlarged prostate. At Samwarthika in Kerala, we specialize in providing comprehensive Ayurvedic treatments for enlarged prostates in Kerala, ensuring effectiveness and minimal side effects.


In Kerala, within the realm of Ayurvedic medicine, Samwarthika’s seasoned practitioners employ a holistic approach to address and alleviate the issue of an enlarged prostate. Our dedicated team of Ayurvedic doctors utilizes a combination of physical exercises, therapeutic massages, and the potency of natural herbs to provide personalized solutions.


We commence the healing journey by comprehensively assessing our patients’ doshas, allowing us to tailor a dietary and lifestyle regimen that best suits their individual needs. Subsequent to a thorough evaluation of the patient’s current condition, we administer custom Ayurvedic treatments for enlarged prostates in Kerala.



It’s important to note that our treatment methods are entirely natural and have stood the test of time, having benefited countless individuals over the years. The collective feedback from our satisfied patients attests to the efficacy of our traditional Ayurvedic interventions. While the effects of Ayurvedic medicine may take time to manifest, rest assured that our approach is geared towards addressing the root causes of your condition, leading to lasting relief.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reduce the size of a prostate gland?


Incorporating certain dietary choices and Ayurvedic herbs can be beneficial in managing an enlarged prostate. Samwarthika doctors in Kerala recommend a list of certain approaches to help reduce the size of the enlarged prostate gland and alleviate its symptoms.


What should I avoid to treat an enlarged prostate in Kerala?


To naturally address an enlarged prostate, doctors provide valuable recommendations for Ayurvedic treatment and suggest avoiding certain factors that could exacerbate the condition. These suggestions are meant to complement Ayurvedic interventions for an enlarged prostate and help alleviate symptoms. Here are the things to avoid:


Can an enlarged prostate be prevented?



Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is indeed a key component in reducing the risk of developing an enlarged prostate and promoting overall well-being. Samwarthika’s Ayurvedic doctors offer valuable guidance and Ayurvedic treatments to support a healthy lifestyle and address concerns related to an enlarged prostate.