Ayurvedic Healing Techniques in Stress Management

In the modern hurry bury world everybody are running behind personal, familial and professional responsibilities. So stress is a unavoidable component in the life of each. People gets stressed about their professional targets, completion of day to day deadlines, striving to sustain in professional platform, managing the health status including facing different ailments starting from even the slight changes in blood profiles. Anyway stress is absolutely a part of our life and we cannot avoid the reflections of stress in our life. The only thing we can do is making sure that we are not affected.

Stress can be defined as mental, physical, emotional and behavioural reaction to any perceived demands or threats. Situations that have strong demands like submitting a particular file or data on a limited time in office works, attending an emergency health case in home for our family mates, life transitions like moving to an outside country for professional needs, changing schools for children, psychological traumas like death of near ones and incompatable wedlocks ; situations in which we are not clear about personalities and surroundings; desiring too many things but failing in attaining the same; excessive need of controlling ourselves; getting unable to managing time in duties .. all these are causing great percentage of stress in human life and trigger psychological disturbance.

People perceive a particular situation as dangerous or difficult mostly dont believe that we have the resource to cope which becomes the worst backwall in managing the stress.

In  Ayurveda we have excellent managements in relieving stress related hazards. Ayurvedic treatments include mainly Internal medications with specially designed brain stimulating and nerve smoothening herbal combinations in the form of mainly Ghrithas and Arishtas which easily crosses the blood brain barrier and act upon the brain centres. Externally we give special sneha sveda procedures and Panchakarmas to stimulate the entire nervous system in the body. Specially we give moordhathailas which include Sirobhyanga, Siropichu, Shirodhara and Shirovasthi. Also in Ayurveda we consider all ailments under two categories :manasika and shareerika. In the era of psychosomatic diseases the management of psychological aspects is necessary for the root level correction of any ailments. Ayurvedic treatments based on Satwavajaya chikitsa which is the framing up of self commanding skills, social skill development, psychotherapies and behavioural therapies.

Sirodhara effects in the body

Sirodhara is one of Murdhathaila in which medicated oil is pouring over the forehead in a steady stream which results in refreshment and smoothening of the nervous system in our body.The therapy keep up the conscious level intact and improves the cognitive and oriental dimension of an individual.The patient gets the wellness feel and clarity in memory, increases the attention span and concentration power of the affected.It induces a meditation level enrichment of awareness and develops the bodily caliber in handling the basal stress. Any ailment requires the harmonial coordination between psychic and physiological health. We are using different medicated oils like Dhanwanthara oil, Thriphaladi oil, Karpasasthyadi oil, Mahanarayana oil in this procedure . The medicine is chosen based on the physical constitution and nature and severity of the disease.


It is application of Medicated oil over the head and hair massaging is done for a specific duration to improve the circulation and to stimulate the nerve endings for the proper correction of cloudyness of the inner rhythm and routine.. It is performed by specially trained therapeutic assistants where the manual massaging techniques are well implemented for the penetration and spreading of oils into the scalp pores.


Here we apply square layer of cotton dipped with medicated oil and apply directly over the vertex which is the vital pressure point of our head. Shiropichu is practiced widely in all stress concerns and minor to major psychiatric ailments which requires mild to moderate amplitude correction of our doshic imbalance.


Ayurveda is rich in various treatment therapies each one is cultivated and applied to a broad dimension of doshic imbalance and comparative or graded application of Herbal formulations to tone up the base psychic strength. Of the four Murdhathailas Shirovasthi provides the retentional and pressurewise efficacy of oils on the head by holding about 600 to 800ml of thaila for the specific duration over head. Shirovasthi has proved its clinical efficiency in an extensive platform of high potentiality ailments. As the whole coordinatory functions are taking its first stimulus in the CNS, we are concentrating our total healing efforts on the Head which is one of the thrimarmas and the finest absorptive area of our body.


In this treatment modality we are applying the paste of curative herbs over the scalp for a particular time to mainly correct the thermoregulatory mechanism and to remove toxic shadow of Kapha component in our Murdha.


Head being the centre of nerve routes along the total body ,it is where we are focusing High potentiality medicine for the corrective purpose. Thalam is a simple but fast effective treatment technique mainly to induce good sleep and temperature and pressure error corrections.


Stress management in Ayurveda is completely giving subconscious trainings and educate the self commanding strength of the stress holders. We are making them aware in the necessity of raising the power of mind over external pressure peaks. We have to plan, prioritise and schedule every events in a busy day to tackle the challenges of personal, familial and professional demands. Everyone should be with awesome understanding of the rule of nature and life episodes and should be trained enough in handling and facing every pressure heads of different waves of basal stress .Always set goal which are realistic in weightage and comfortable in handling. Develop a great positive attitude and try to find the positive core of every steps in hazards. Life is of course 10% what actually happened to us and 90% how we reacts to it. We in Samwarthika all the health workers always gets proper trainings in how to be a support system to any who approaches us with hurted psyche ,soul and constitution. Be well organized always and we all are here to support you..