Dhanwanthari – The God Of Ayurveda

Dhanwanthari the god of ayurveda

In ancient Hindu beliefs, it mentions about three energy forces – the creative energy – Brahma, the maintaining energy – Vishnu, and the destructive energy – Shiva. Lord Dhanwanthari, God of Ayurveda is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu who maintains health, life, and prosperity.


Devas – positive energy and Asuras -negative energy churned the cosmic milk ocean Palazhy to obtain Amrutham – Elixir, the divine nectar, and antidote to death. A mountain was used as the churning pole and a hundred-headed serpent Vasuki was used as the churning rope. They wrapped Vasuki around the mountain and splashed the ocean by pulling it to both sides. The churning continued for thousands of years with Devas on one side and the Asuras on the other side. Even nothing came out, they didn’t lose their hope. Finally, the results started appearing in a row; Kamadhenu – the wish-fulfilling cow, Uchaisrava – the white horse, Airavatham – the white elephant, Kausthubhamani – a precious diamond, Kalpavriksham – a wish-fulfilling tree, Lakshmi – Goddess of wealth, etc. And at last, appeared Dhanwanthari, an incarnation of Vishnu with Amritha Kalasa in one hand.


Dhanwanthari was young, strong built with broad chests, and was bluish-black in complexion. With strong arms and reddish eyes, he moved like a lion. He wore a bright yellow cloth, his curly hair was oily and he had earrings made of pearl. He had leeches, healing herbs, a chakra – weapon of Lord Vishnu and the Elixir/Amrutham – the divine nectar in his hands. Lord Dhanwathari is a benevolent deity/Moorthy who eradicates diseases and gives sound heath to all who pray to him.