Infertility Treatment & Quality Child

Samwarthika wishes to identify Infertility in two states; one is disease state infertility and the other is non-disease state infertility. Specific and detailed methods are mentioned in Ayurveda texts about the sexual behavior in human beings and vitalizing the Sperm and the Ovum.


The idea of having a quality child mainly depends on three factors. They are (i) Strengthening of Uterus, (ii) Enlightening of Sperm and increasing its count and (iii) Nourishment of the Fetus. Ayurveda clearly describes that following specific diet and activities – Ahara & Vihara – will result in the birth of a quality child, along with restraining from unhealthy activities and practicing an Ayurvedic Lifestyle.


In disease state infertility, certain procedures are done to the Uterus with medicated Oils – Thailam to strengthen and to remove the blockages, PCOD, PCOS, etc. Treatments like Special Yoni Basthi, Pichu, Snehapanam, etc. are also performed as the case may be. In conditions of anemia, weak sperm, and ovum, there are different methods to strengthen him/her who finds it difficult to produce quality sperm or to conceive. In some cases, excessive fat accumulated in the channels is removed and the internal system is smoothened and strengthened with Ayurvedic medications. Ayurveda advises certain good practices for producing quality sperm which is very important in males.


Above all, both psychological and physiological approach is adopted by our Doctors in treating Infertility cases here at Samwarthika Ayurveda Hospital.