People above 50 years with very less water intake and improper diet with less fibre diet commonly suffer from the condition known as hemorrhoids or piles. Although the cases are common over the age of 50 it also affect teenagers and elders under 50 years too. Hemorrhoids are the swollen enlarged blood vessels around the anus. It is caused usually due to less fibre content in the food, severe constipation, excessive straining while passing stools or sitting longer time in the toilet for defecation. Other causative factors are frequent lifting of heavy objects, pregnancy and weakness of supporting muscle tissue in the parts around the anus as a part of aging. The swollen veins inside or outside the anus often causes itching and bleeding per rectum. People need to avoid obesity to prevent this disease condition.


Usually hemorrhoids are of two types, there are external and internal haemorrhoids. In external hemorrhoids the vessels beneath the skin around the anus get swollen and lead to the problem but in internal hemorrhoids the vessels within the lining of the anus gets swollen and bleed, leading to lethargy and chronic anaemia. In course of time if the piles are not attended properly it leads to bulging out through the anus which is known as prolapsed hemorrhoids.


As we have discussed, piles are of two types internal and external. In internal hemorrhoids where the blood vessels swell and get inflamed within the lining of rectum or anal canal. The very common presentation is rectal bleeding. They really cause pain also they cannot be felt by the patients unless the pile mass get protrude but in external hemorrhoids the anal region gets itchy. Pains usually accompany the condition while sitting for a prolonged time. We can feel a tender lump near the anal opening. Also bleeding per rectum is present.

Bleeding per rectum is a common sign in many bowel disorders like Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis and Colon cancer. So we have to rule out these conditions with careful history taking and relevant investigations for the proper cure of the disease.


  1. Due to the chronic bleeding nature the patience usually get anaemia in prolonged course of time.
  2. Sometimes the anal bulges get infected.
  3. Strangulated haemorrhoids.


  1. Don’t strain excessively while defecation.
  2. Drink plenty of water at least eight glasses a day to prevent dehydration.
  3. Eat food which is rich in fibre.
  4. Must pass bowel when get urged.
  5. Be physically active.

Management of hemorrhoids

In Ayurveda every disease states are managed by correcting the functions of gastro intestinal system firstly. Ayurvedic physicians put their whole attention in analysing and correcting the potential of digestive fire prior to the management of the disease. There are varieties of herbal medicines and formulations that act perfectly to prevent the bleeding like presentations of hemorrhoids.

In Samwarthika Dr.P R Sooraj the Senior Medical Officer is practicing specially in the management of hemorrhoids. During his early years of clinical life he got noticed that vast majority of patients reaching OPD for various ailments suffer from haemorrhoids which range from minor to major grading. Dr.P R Sooraj is a very sensitive physician to his dependers and his concerns about the activities made him to spend hours of work through various Ayurvedic textual which resulted in the formation of his most special formulation to cure the hemorrhoids of any age race or ethnicities. This brilliant combination is combined by his father who was a Traditional Ayurveda Physician with particularity in the production of Ayurvedic Medicines by himself at Amruthananda Pharmacy, South Naluvazhi,North Paravur,to keep the quality of medicines up. This combination is named as ARSHOJITH and is helping thousands of people to get cured from the bleeding stage without surgery.  If anyone of you or your dear and near suffers from this chronic condition please feel free to contact Dr.P R Sooraj at Samwarthika Ayurveda Hospital. ARSHOJITH improves digestive power, detoxify and support healing. It alleviates pain and itching, relieves chronic constipation and facilitates easy bowel evacuation.