Restless leg syndrome

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If anyone of you has an intensive urge to move your leg always which
is especially during the night hours you may be suffering from one of
the common ailments known as restless leg syndrome. This condition
is also known as Willis Ekbom disease which is a nervous system
disorder which ultimately results in the quality loss of functional life
and sleep problems.


Most typical symptom of RLS is intensive urge to move legs while
sitting or lying down. The symptom usually get worsened at evening
or night hours. Moving the legs, stretching or walking eases the
symptoms. The abnormal sensations typically begin when you take
periods of rest, sitting for a long time or lying down. Some people
with RLS become very depressed that they don’t even know how to
explain their sensations to others. Often they never seek medical
advice because they afraid of being neglected at their symptoms by
others. The major impact of RLS is restless hours during night which
causes morning hour drowsiness and ultimately affect the quality of
day to day activities. Symptoms vary from mild to severe, usually
come and go and the intensity can vary between episodes.


The excact cause of the condition is not known. But researches show
that an imbalance of Dopamine level in the brain leads to this
condition. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which is associated with
the motor activities of the body. Some genes in the chromosomes
are proved to be the causes of a restless leg syndrome. Pregnancy
also trigger the condition which is resolved by its own following

Risk factors

Diabetes mellitus which leads to peripheral neuropathy occasionally
associated with restless leg syndrome. Iron deficiency conditions
trigger RLS. Any injury or damage to the spinal cord may result in
RLS. When kidneys won’t function well, chances of iron deficiency
increases and results in RLS. Certain medications for Parkinson’s
disease causes RLS.

RLS treatments in Ayurveda

RLS can be managed with Ayurvedic internal medications and
Panchakarmas. What we suggest for our RLS patients is to take a hot
water bath when they feel their symptoms getting worse. Also
special massage therapies are provided externally. Treatments vary
from person to person as the presentation of RLS varies from mild to
severe in each individuals. Usually this condition affect the
productive morning work- hours by hindering concentration and
routine activities. Stress situations can worsen the disease, so
relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation etc can be helpful in this
condition. Stress release treatment modalities are also administered.
Sleep hygiene should be considered well, take sleep in a quiet room,
reduce the amount of light you are exposed to for an hour before
you going to bed; avoid alcohol, smoking etc to get a good sound
sleep during night. Different medhya drugs are administered to the
patient considering his unique physical constitution and severity,
pattern of presentation of the ailment.