What is posture and what are the health hazards of incorrect postures.

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Posture is the position in which you hold your body while standing sitting or lying down. Good poster invoice training your body to stand walk sit and lie so as to place the least strain on muscles and ligaments while you are moving or performing wait bearing activities. Sitting and standing with proper alignment improve blood flow helps keep your nerves and blood vessels healthy and supports your muscles ligaments and tendons. People who make a habit of using correct posture are less likely to experience related back and neck pain.
Good posture is essential for good health your posture is the result of habits formed over the course of years.Proper posture keep your bones and joins in optimal alignment and decreases wear and tear on supportive structures.
Stooping or hauching over at your desk or slouching while looking at your mobile device can interfere with proper digestion, increasing the risk of acid reflux and constipation. Good posture can impact your mood as well as good mood can impact your posture too.
Proper posture can improve spine health while it may take some practice and mindfulness. Using correct postures are less likely to experience related back and neck pain.
Don't be a slouch-it adds to the stress on your spine.That puts a strain on the bone,muscles and joints you need to hold your backbone in place.
Straighten up-stand up tall.Hold your head straight and tuck in your chin

Don’t slump at your desk- Sit all the way back in your chest.Place a small rolled up towel or Lambar cushion behind your mid-back to protect your spine’s natural curve.

Beware of text neck.

When you tilt your head down to check messages it really strains your spine.That can add up in ayear.For a better view lift the phone up and move your eyes not your head.

Don't be a low rider.

It’s cool to recline during a long drive but it is not good for your posture.Instead consider sitting
more upright.Don’t lock your legs.Bend your knees slightly put a pillow or rolled up towel behind youfor support.
Save heels for a big night out Pumps and stilettos thrust the base of your spine forward which overarches your back.Sky high shoes also put more weight on your knees.Choose a lover Chunky heel for daily wear.

Hit the hay the right way.

nap time is no excuse to slack skip the soft saggy mattress.Choose a firm one that helps hold your spine’s natural shape.

If you are aside sleeper bend your knees slightly but don’t hug them.
Excercise and tone your Abs

Too many pounds around your belly puts and stress on your back. You need strong muscles to support your spine.A well designed workout plan will keep your body and spine in tip top shape.

Two types of postures.

Dynamic poster is how you hold yourself when you are moving like when you are running working or bending over to pick something.

Static posture is how you hold yourself when you are not moving like when you are sitting standing and sleeping.

Postural errors

The complications of poor posture include back pain spinal dysfunction joint degeneration rounded shoulders and portability you can improve your posture and spinal health by making a few lifestyle adjustments


Poor posture promote stress incontinence. Launching increases abdominal pressure which puts pressure on the bladder.The position also decreases the ability of the pelvic floor muscles to hold against that posture.


Poor posture on a toilet houched over with your knees can promote constipation.That position closes the anus somewhat and make it harder for the faeces to pass out.

Heartburn and slowed digestion.

Posture after a meal can trigger heartburn caused by acid reflux when stomach acid squirts back up into the esophagus.Slouching puts pressure on the abdomen which can force stomach acid in the wrong direction.

Spinal curvature defects

The three main cause of a properly aligned spine form an S shape.Overtime poor posture can cause these natural curve to change shape,putting an excessive amount of pressure in the wrong direction.

Back pain

One of the most commonly known side effects of poor posture is unwanted strain on your upper and lower back.Souching forward puts pressure between your shoulder blades and cause you to flatten your back muscles.

Neck pain
Poor posture puts pressure on your posterior muscles which has a negative impact on your neck.

Poor sleep
Deficient posture can put your entre system of muscles in a compromising position. If you are unable to fully relax your body at night you may find yourself tossing and turning to find a comfortable position for your neck and back which can lead to hours of lost sleep.

How to maintain a good postures..

Use Lambar rolls to support your lower back when sitting in regular chairs or driving the car.

Switch to ergonamic chairs in the office or for any activity that requires you to sit for a long periods of times Make sure your mattresses is supportive enough to keep your spine strstraigh When lying on your side use a pillow that supports your neck Keep your back straight and use your thigh muscles when lifting heavy weights.

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